Where to Find Slate Staff

Slate’s New York office is located at 15 MetroTech Center, 8th Floor, Brooklyn, N.Y., 11201.

Slate’s Washington, D.C., office is located at 1707 L St. NW, Suite 800, Washington, D.C., 20036.

To comment on editorial content, or for general inquiries, please email feedback@slate.com. If you have problems logging in or questions regarding your Slate Plus subscription, please email plus@slate.com.

If want to pitch Slate, refer to these guidelines.

If you have questions regarding Slate Plus, please email plus@slate.com.

Corrections: If you believe you have found an inaccuracy in a Slate story, please send an email to corrections@slate.com, and we will investigate.

For media inquiries, please contact katie.rayford@slate.com.

For rights inquires, please email rights@slate.com.

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Contacting individual Slate writers: Many of our staff members and contributors provide their email address on their author bio pages. If an author chooses not to, we do not forward correspondence to them.

Reprint and Permissions: PARS International is the exclusive reprint and permissions provider for Slate. A reprint is a high-quality replication (in printed or electronic form) of an individual Slate article. Depending on the page size of the custom reprint, the minimum order quantity ranges from 250–500. An e-print is a custom PDF image of the article reprint—the PDF is hosted on a dedicated server at PARS International and you are provided with link access to the image for licenses in 12-month renewable increments. To request a reprint, contact PARS, or email requests@slate.com with any questions.

For publications interested in reprinting a single article or syndicating a series of articles please contact the New York Times Syndicate. Please contact:
Aidan McNulty
Director, U.S. and Canada
Tel: 1-212-556-4015