Podcast FAQs

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How to Listen to Our Podcasts

From your mobile device:

You can listen and subscribe to Slate podcasts by searching for “Slate” in your favorite podcast app. If you’re reading this from an iPhone or iPad, you can tap this link to find all our shows in Apple Podcasts.

From a desktop or laptop:

You can find the latest episode from all our shows at https://slate.com/podcasts or in iTunes . When you play a podcast in a browser, make sure to keep your browser window or tab open or the audio will stop playing. Additionally, most podcast pages include important show and episode information, including Slate Plus benefits related to that show, so please check them out!

Slate Plus Podcast Benefits

Slate Plus membership includes bonus podcast content and ad-free access to all Slate podcasts. To take advantage of these benefits, join Slate Plus and subscribe to our members-only podcast feeds. (These are special, private feeds that must be accessed through your membership account. You will not find them by searching in the directories of iTunes or other podcast players.)

Find all members-only feed options on the Slate Plus podcast page (make sure you’re signed in to your account). To learn more about subscribing to these feeds, see below for detailed instructions for a selection of popular podcast players, or visit our podcast support page.

Apple Podcasts or iTunes
Pocket Casts
Google Podcasts

Alternatively, you can also listen in Slate’s iOS app. Sign in to the app with your Slate Plus account, then locate the Podcasts section and click ALL SHOWS. Find more information here.

Need more help? Email plus@slate.com.