Send Slate News Tips

Have a tip for Slate? We have several ways to get in touch with Slate reporters and editors, depending on your level of need for encryption and anonymity.

News tips do not include press releases, pitches, or feedback, such as responses to articles or your opinion of Slate. To get in touch about any of those, use the contact information listed here.


You can send us messages to our general account at Note that email is not encrypted. Do not use your work account or contact us using your office Wi-Fi, computer, or phone if you are at risk of reprisal.

Emails for specific reporters can be found here.


USPS is an easy way to send us tips and documents. For anonymity, use a public mailbox and don’t include your return address.

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Update, July 28, 2020: Slate’s SecureDrop server is down for maintenance until further notice.

SecureDrop, a project of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, is our most secure option for digitally communicating with Slate reporters and editors. Its technology allows you to send encrypted messages or documents to Slate anonymously, though no system is 100 percent secure. Only a few Slate staffers have direct access to Slate’s SecureDrop server, which is under the physical control of Slate.

Please note that when you submit certain types of files through SecureDrop, you may be sending us metadata associated with that file. Additionally, the content of the messages you send and receive through SecureDrop may include personally identifiable information.

Since the system uses the Tor browser instead of conventional browsers (like Chrome or Safari), it takes a few extra steps to set up. When using SecureDrop, you’ll want to use devices you own on public Wi-Fi—not home or work networks.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Download and install the Tor browser, which uses an anonymous network to route your data.

2. Launch the browser.

3. Paste Slate’s SecureDrop address into Tor: http://vrsmpjemjfcaimqd.onion. Make sure not to paste this URL into a regular browser.

4. Follow the instructions on the page to send messages or documents.

5. After you hit submit, you’ll receive a code name that will let you return to send more information or view any messages we sent you. Remember your code name; we do not have access to it.

Slate makes no warranties as to SecureDrop. Use of the system is on an “as is” basis. Use it at your own risk.